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EPIC (Everyone Plays in our Communities)

EPIC is a very special program for developmentally disabled children and adults. It provides a safe, fun environment with trained coaches, VIP Buddies, and volunteers who facilitate and enriching experience that the players and their families will cherish forever. 

EPIC Buddies

EPIC Buddies assist during the games in which players learn soccer while meeting new friends, having fun and increasing skills and self-esteem. Players and their families, along with our volunteers, enjoy the complete AYSO experience -- team uniforms, scoring goals, cheering from the sidelines, and beyond!

EPIC Goals & Objectives

Goal: Players will have fun playing soccer
- To introduce all skills by using games
- To allow players to set the pace
- To relax and be flexible
- To keep everything positive

Goal: Players will understand the fundamentals of the game
- To give each player plenty of opportunities to play the ball
- To build skills on the success of previously learned skills
- To involve family members in learning soccer fundamentals

Goal: Players will learn teamwork and fair play
- To build teamwork and fair play into practice sessions
- To encourage team identity by wearing uniforms and participating in team get togethers
- To reward positive effort when teamwork and fair play are observed

Goal: Players will increase their self-esteem
- To establish individual, realistic goals with players
- To encourage effort toward goals, no matter how small
- To recognize player effort and achievement

Goal: Players will become more physically fit
- To encourage maximum participation in physical movement for each player at his or her level
- To facilitate player participation in off-season physical activities or sports

Goal: Players will meet and be comfortable with new people
- To encourage parents to play a supportive, no active, role during games
- To facilitate the development of positive players relationships with buddies and other volunteers
- To utilize community helpers

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