Area 5C it's about MORE than the game... it's about the kids

About our Club

AYSO Area 5C is an all-volunteer organization providing support to all of the region soccer programs for elementary through high school kids in North Alabama area and surrounding  areas. Participation is open to all.
The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) is a nationwide non-profit organization that develops and delivers quality youth soccer programs in a fun, family environment based on
AYSO Six Philosphies: 

 •Open Registration (we do not hold tryouts - anyone who wants to can play!)
 •Everyone Plays (we want all players to equally participate in our games) 
 •Balanced Teams (we believe the best competition occurs between teams that are even in terms of player experience and ability) 
 •Positive Coaching (coaches are here to teach, develop skills and encourage!)  
•Good Sportsmanship (win or lose, playing the game fairly is the most important thing!)
 •Player Development (a commitment to developing each player's soccer abilities)

  • Area 5C In AYSO it's about MORE then the game... it's about the kids